Permit Applications & Information

Building Permit - Required before a building is constructed, enlarged, altered or demolished. A person wishing to change the USE of a building must obtain a zoning permit from the Zoning Officer to insure the proposed change of USE complies with all Zoning Ordinances.

Electrical Permit -Any electrical wiring installed in a building or structure or any alteration of an existing electric wiring system. Installations of electric conductors and equipment within or on public and private buildings or other structures.

Heating & Air Conditioning Permit - Required for any work on HVAC.

Plumbing Permit - Required before any work on a plumbing system may commence, including alteration to existing systems.

Zoning Permit - Required for any construction, installation or change in USE as governed by Borough Ordinances.

Rental Registration - Required for any person wishing to rent a single-family, multi-family dwelling in the Borough. Upon receipt of completed application, inspection is done prior to the issuance. This is a bi-annual or change of tenant permit.

Sign Permit - Required prior to any persons seeking to erect a temporary or permanent sign whether it being a resident or a business in the Borough.

Plumber's Registration - All plumbing contractor's are required to register with the Borough before any permits are issued. The contractor must supply a Certificate of Insurance with Borough named as Additional Insured, or a notarized affidavit of exemption from workmen's compensation insurance and a Federal or State Identification Number. This is an annual registration.

Street Opening Permit- Required for the excavation or digging up of Borough streets and roadways.

Fire Suppression System Permit - Required for work on Fire Suppression Systems.

Pool Requirements - Code requirements for in-ground and above ground swimming pools.

Deck Requirements - Code requirements for decks.

Inspection Stages/Checklist - Inspections required for various building permits.

Plan Review Checklist - Checklist of information required for various building permits.

Building & Zoning Permit Fee Schedule - Fees for various building permits

Request for Exemption from Stormwater Management Ordinance